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    Internet Service Provider in Nigeria
    Data Center
    Domain Registration, Email services
    Multi-Protocol Label Switching “MPLS“ Services
    Video Conferencing and Bandwidth Management
    SEO, Social media Management, Digital Marketing
    TV over Internet Services

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified

ISN Limited received the ISO 9001:2008 (UKAS) certification for Quality Management.

Through its Enterprise Quality Management Solutions (EQMS), The process of Certification to ISO 9001 was another Strategic milestone achieved. ISN staff dedication and commitment to Company’s internal quality management system processes, demonstrated assurance that we are capable of achieving set and stated Quality Objectives, delivering a service that meets customers’ needs and expectations.

Internet Solutions Nigeria Iso 2008:9011 Certificate

ISN Provides The Best Reliable Internet Connection and Services in Nigeria Contact our Sales Department.

Corporate Commitment

We aim to meet the burgeoning needs for a 100 percent reliable, digital telecommunications infrastructure,
through the provision of turnkey Internet access and WAN solutions including client-controlled bandwidth on demand
and a host of value added services, for mission critical environments.

To maintain a clear product and service focus, based on an excellent understanding of the needs
of the Corporate Sector and Internet market.

C - Customer-Oriented
R - Recognition
E - Excellence
ST - Synergy and Teamwork


The iBloodlink App

Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited (ISN), a certified ISO9001 Managed Service Provider organization announced today 15thof March, 2016 on its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative to partner with iBloodlink, a platform (iBloodlink application) that will help facilitates a connection between blood donors and blood recipients in ISN home country, Nigeria..

As a result, this application enable users link themselves into a world of people in need or willing to help, should recipients require Blood, Platelets and Bone marrows from donors.

According to the National Blood Data Resource Center, it is generally safe to donate whole blood once every three months or plasma more often. In fact, every year approximately 4.5 million people receive blood transfusions in the United States and these lives saving blood are donated by about 8 million volunteers..

For this reason, ISN is committed to doing business responsibly, by promoting iBloodlink in its home country, also, help save lives and encourage donors and people who are willing to donate blood, platelets and bone marrows on behalf of humanity..

This partnership will enable us support our own commitments to ethical sourcing, community involvement, more so, ISN strongly believe with just few clicks, Nigerian Donors and Recipients in need of blood, bone marrows and platelets can use this platform to find their necessary and desired blood group stress-free!

For more inquiries, please visit:
iBloodlink website
iBloodlink website
ISN - Internet Solutions Nigeria Limited

“Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but your BLOOD can”

Please download the iBloodlink App here and save lives today!!!

Please Download the iBloodLink App


Our Internet is incredibly especially extremely Fast & reliable.

Our broadband wireless services, fibre optic solutions, and VSAT solutions, through dedicated engineering teams, provides High speed quality connectivity solutions designed for Corporate and Residential Clients. The Full redundancy on every layer of both its wireless and high-speed fiber network nationwide, With this as an established standard, ISN sets itself apart from other ISP’s and enforces its commitment to service excellence and competent technical support.

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ISN is a NETFLIX Friendly Network

Watch thousands of instant movies on NETFLIX!!! The number one online streaming services for movies and TV shows on your TV, mobile devices, Xbox and PlayStation, with Internet solutions Nigeria Limited’s uncapped, unshared and unlimited 24/7 Internet connectivity service.
NETFLIX service in Nigeria

Upgrade your Internet service plan today and stream HD movies and TV Shows online!!!

For further inquiries, please contact our Sales Team: +234 (0) 08113100000, 08057001233, 09053809946

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Our Featured Services Outline

Wireless Broadband Services

We Offer Corporate &/or Residential Wireless Internet Service, & Hot Spot solutions, the most effective, reliable and Highspeed internet connection.

VSAT Connectivity

Introducing ISN-SAT, State-of-Art VSAT High-end solutions, Rural, Marine & mobile VSAT solutions.

Domain Host & Webdesign

Introducing ISN-HOST Design, Develop, Register & Host your Domain with online security & SSL certificates.

SEO & Social Media Management

Our SEO and Social Media Management Bundles are designed individualy to ensure effectivness according to your business needs and scale of Marketing Campaign.


Introducing ISN-LAN, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Featuring BlueCoat Network security bundled on Cisco Routers & Barracuda Balancer.

Hardware & Internet Software

Introducing ISN-TECH, Drobo Storage, Practical Drive & Briefcase, & Top Quality brands in Computer Hardware.


Introducing ISN-TECH, Cyberoam, Cisco Security interface, & Kaspersky Lab. Your data secured from mobile to server

Tv over Internet

With the High connection speed internet, watching livestream internet TV channels is no hassle again, no buffering or stalling.

Product Outline

• Residential Internet Service Providers (ISP)
• ISP Commercial, Business, Corporate Internet Service providers Solutions
• Multi-Storey Dwelling or Estates
Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and Digital Marketing campaigns, solutions designed on individual case studies, crafted with sales in mind not followers.
CoLocation, Disaster Recovery,Cloud Based Services, Virtualisation Full redundancy, Enterprise-class routing equipment, AND Fiber carriers
Website design, Website development, Domain Registration, Domain Hosting & Security.

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Business Overview

Customer Support

Technical help Line Offering a Valuable after sales support and Advice to clients

Internet Connectivity

High speed quality connectivity solutions designed for Corporate and Residential clients.

Customized Solutions

A custom unique solution designed to the specific requirements of each Business and Residential Estate.

Full Redundancy

Offered on every layer of Both its wireless and High-Speed Fiber Network Nationwide .

Data Center

DATA Center, features state-of-Art equipment to provide colocation space with fully flexible hosting and storage options.

Hosting & Webdesign

Providing dedicated and shared web hosting solutions, webdesign and development.